Great Educational Apps for Kids

If your child is anything like ours, then they are a whiz at electronic devices. Sometimes their lack of verbal skills make testing their abilities difficult, and other times their motor skills can make using things like a traditional keyboard or even a pen and paper too difficult to attempt. Many children are comfortable with a touch screen, or even an adaptive device that operates based on eye gaze. Using educational apps with these types of devices can give you, and teachers, a better assessment of what your child knows and where to go from there.

Here are a few educational apps that are considered winners at our house, and a little about them:

  • Aussie Kids Count Coins: basically what it sounds like. Math puzzles and counting currency. This app is great for teaching children how to make correct change, how to add up the costs for multiple items, and more. We like the graphics and the money skills it teaches.
  • Toca Lab. The Toca Boca games, in general, are a lot of fun (and they have no ads or in app purchases), but Toca Lab actually familiarizes kids with the periodic table of elements without being difficult or boring. Each element has its own personality, and kids can do “experiments” on them, turning them into gasses or freezing them, magnetizing them, and more.
  • Letter School teaches writing with lots of sound effects and music. It first teaches children the correct movements to make in order to trace the letters and gets progressively harder until they are freewriting each letter on their own. Mary loves this app, especially when she gets to lay the train tracks. It was recommended to us by her Occupational Therapist. 
  • Mad Libs. You may have had these books as a kid. Now there is an app. It teaches children the parts of a sentence and grammar while also showing them the power of words and sentence structure. All while being perfectly silly! 
  • Endless Numbers. The Endless series is fantastic and they do release a lot of updates, but we like the math best. It is a giant ferris wheel of monsters riding in numbered cars. Tap one and you interact with the number, do a math problem, and then see a short and silly movie. Hands down one of our number obsessed little girl’s favorite things. 
  • I See Ewe and I Hear Ewe these games match through sound and visuals. Mary uses this with her speech pathologist to identify items and she thinks this app is super fun. It has helped with her accuracy and is a more true representation of what she actually knows because it is fun and reinforcing. 
  • Life Cycle App. Want to teach your budding scientist about the water cycle? Or how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly? This app has you covered. 
  • Monkey Preschool Lunchbox. Ok, what kid doesn’t like monkeys? This one is cute and does flips when your child gets the answer correct. It tests color, shape, size, matching, and letter knowledge. Kids get reward stickers every so often, too. The game also never ends, either, which can be good or bad. It will just keep asking you questions until you quit the app. 

So there you have it. Some apps that are popular at our house. We use several of these with Mary’s therapists, and others are rewards after she completes non-preferred activities. Please write in the comments if you have heard of these and your experiences with them, or if you have others that we should try out!  Thanks for reading.