It’s Always Something

There is truly always something as the saying goes. This is not an idle expression. Someone who knows how things happen by chance, and happen often and when least expected, made it up no doubt. It seems to fit so many situations. Take work. The boss is on a rant about late reports. He is fit to be tied about the numbers not coming in as expected. Then five people are out sick just when month end wrap up is due. Yes, there is always something. At home, a window pane has been cracked by a flying pebble; the garage floor has an oil slick and the pressure washer isn’t working; the lawn needs mowing but your neighbor forgot to return the mower; Mary’s white noise machine broke and she can’t sleep without it on. Yes, there is always something.

Okay, an image of that oil slick keeps popping into my mind. I see people stepping in it and traipsing through the house making a hideous set of indelible tracks that cannot be removed. The oil slick is nagging at me to do something about it. It can’t live forever on the garage floor, slowly creeping to the sides, extending its reach like an alien being. I have always prided myself on keeping up appearances, even in the place where only the car goes. That’s why I bought a pressure washer in the first place. But, alas, it isn’t working. I see my chore is cut out for me this weekend. I have to get at it. The house walls could also use a dousing as could the walkways in front of the house and round back. There is always something. I have been given a check list of items to address with the pressure washer. I would be shocked if it were otherwise.

I have this crazy idea that I can fix the pressure washer, but what if I can’t. I think it is time to have a handyman or two on call. I am not Mr. Fixit by any means. I ask around and get a couple of names. I make the calls. This one is busy, that one is out of town. I am back to fixing the pressure washer myself. I ask around some more. I make the calls. I have to see the washer says one. I have my own to bring says another. Let me come over and take a look and then I can give you a price on the garage floor. Don’t trouble yourself with repairs. They aren’t easy to make. Instead, just invest in one of the best pressure washers and let the warranty on the new unit cover you.

Most people have to send the pressure washer back to the manufacturer for service. If you try to fix it, you could make it worse. I listen intently and start to agree. I could spend a day on the fix it job to no avail. Then that oil slick will nag me some more. I invite the friendliest handyman to come that afternoon. And guess what, that slick was gone in about 10 seconds.