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    The school where we work had a special annual charity fundraising event where they provided all the food. It was a big commitment for the volunteers. I had never done anything like it before, but it was a big success and very worthwhile day. We had a silent auction and sold raffle tickets and made a considerable amount of money. It was a good thing since we did not sell the food, but gave it away on a complementary basis. There was a lot of organization involved in this major event, the kind you aren’t used to if you are not a caterer. We didn’t anticipate the correct turn out and were lucky we had purchased enough food so there would be no waste. The food was partially donated, however, preventing us from having to deduct the expense from profits. We had a hundred people to feed with hot appetizers and entrees. We wanted to give people a choice. We had meat balls, a couple of different salads such as cole slaw, macaroni, and potato. We had to farm out the big cooking jobs, but we were in charge of set up and food distribution. We had a buffet style line up with hot trays. At one end we made custom sandwiches. We thought it would be for the kids, but the adults gravitated to the sandwich station immediately. We had to find a meat slicer so we could make deli style sandwiches to order, and it was a huge crowd pleaser. We had roast beef a popular favorite.

    Yes, it was a professional slicer that we used, the type a bona fide butcher would use. With a 10-inch commercial meat slicer, you can slice your meats exactly your way. Caterers use them since you’ll see fresher results in your sandwiches, salads, and appetizers. This is a must-have machine the brochure says if you’re into food dehydrating, where perfectly even thickness means perfect, consistent results. The strong 180-watt motor slices effortlessly, doing the work for you. My kind of machine magic. I was impressed with how easy it was over all. We didn’t need to hire a professional server as I had feared that would have aggravated our slight budget. The hand guard is clear so it keeps you safe without blocking your view. The stainless steel construction is pro quality and easy to clean, and non-skid feet hold everything in place. You can cut thick slices for meat trays or paper-thin shavings for deli-quality sandwiches, with the fine-tune dial. The meat tray removes easily for in-sink cleaning. All in all, you can enjoy pro results wherever you take it. And it is a formidable metal contraption I must say with a round center that turns. It sits on four little “feet.” The one we rented had 180 watts of cutting power, a precision stainless steel construction, removable, washable meat tray and hand guard, and adjustment settings. I wouldn’t hesitate to volunteer next year for the same slicing job. It was fun in its own culinary kind of way.